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A Museum of Self & Space

A Museum of Self & Space is a first person narrative game about our inner demons and how they're reflected in the world around us.

A Museum of Self

Senior and Student Discounts will be applied at the end of the Museum

A Museum of Self is a view of the self that is a mirror and a microscope. A minamalist aesthetic combined with FMV and honest monologues on what it means to create personal work.

*I know this and the above games are similarly titled, I am game designer not a marketing person <3

The Bad Games Trilogy

The Bad Games Collection is a series of classic games turned by bad by investigating why these classic games are dripping in flow and how to ruin it.


A minimalist metroidvania.

Blockvania was developed for my masters thesis at Northeastern University. Blockvania is a traditional metroidvania developed to research the use of rewards in games and how it affects player motivation and engagement. In short - we should focus more on enriching game play loops and less on what players get from it.


A Playful Platform where users can create, play, and share research to understand human behavior.

At Northeastern I worked as a designer and researcher on the StudyCrafter application, as well as the lead creator of Rhonda, a game made with the architecture department to study how to best educate home owners on flood prevention due to global warming.

You Are A Whale Part 1


You Are A Whale Part 1 is a surrealist game about whales. It is a spiritual successor to You Are A Whale, a game I developed for Train Jam in 2019. You Are A Whale Part 1 is a multi media, medium bending game that includes a Ferris Wheel, an entire documentary on Gray Whales, and portions of the first comprehensive book on whales in audio form.