Bad Games Trilogy

What Happens When Good Games Go Bad

The Bad Games Trilogy is a series of games that investigates what makes classic games good, and how to immediately ruin them. Bad Tetris asks “why isn’t Tetris also a 3D Platformer”? And Bad Frogger posits “why do we know what controls do?” The BGT has been described as “gross” and “very clever”. Regardless how you feel about any of these games, you’ll leave with a strong opinion about these bad games.

The BGT started with the investigation of what flow is, how it’s created in games, and how one can immediately disrupt it. It’s inspired by early flash games and the cut-up technique of authors at Willian Burroughs. Every game is playable in browser and can be finished in one sitting. Tetris, Frogger, Bricker Breaker

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